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TOW - Tally on WAN

  • Tally-work from home was not easier, before Tacitine brought the new TOW technology
  • Tally can be worked from home with the nearby speed of working from your office desk
  • No RDP License, Terminal Server, VDI or CAL licenses required
  • Just a matter of TOW enabled appliance from Tacitine with Internet in your office
  • Both Security and WFH will be achieved with Single appliance*
  • No modification to the office network or any plugin required to be installed in Tally Server
  • Prevent intrusion from Internet and allow only authorized employee to access the Tally server
  • Can able to access other Application Servers and IP enabled devices in office
  • WFH users can use any internet connection available (ADSL / BB /JIO / Hotspot)
  • Simple to use, faster and safer WFH client module (color code method)
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting of connected WFH clients
Prerequisite to deploy the solution
  • Tally with multi user licenses
  • Office Internet connection IP address should be pingable from outside the network
  • Static IP (optional)