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Business Challenge

In today’s scenario achieving 100% uptime to application servers is very much feasible provided weare with safe and secure solutions. Tacitine solutions are deployed in more than 190 different banksincluding nationalized banks, district co-operative banks, various co-operative banks and co-operative society’s.


Issues with current setup

  • Secondary connectivity (MPLS / CDMA) feasibility is an major issue in rural areas
  • VSAT has its own issue during monsoon times
  • Feasibility for the secondary connectivity is either ADSL Broadband or 3G/4G data cards which need to be secured while connecting with Core banking servers
  • Even with locations having two connectivity it is a disjoint network and manual intervention required to make the secondary link up.
  • An IT personnel per branch level is not a feasible option and hence making employees understand to switch over the links on failure is a major support issue
  • Even if the primary MPLS connectivity is slow due to lack of auto balance solution available the customers are not able to use the high speed internet based secondary connectivity.
  • Business loss to banks due to connectivity failure
Reduce Downtime
  • Failover between MPLS links or MPLS / VSAT / LL over ADSL Broadband
  • On-demand VPN to support Multicast over TCP
  • Link quality based failover (Failover based on Packet Loss / RTA)
  • Application failover (Multicast to Unicast servers preferable)
Centralized management
  • Secure remote access and central management of Branch Locations from HO via VNC viewer
  • Interconnecting all branches securely via ADSL BB based VPN to HO.
  • back office server access / application server access using MPLS / VSAT/LL / ADSL Broadband connectivity / 3G
Threat detection
  • Dynamic IP support, 3G Data Card support, Browsing Restrictions (web proxy), VPN to HO and hacker free environment for the branch locations
  • Secure Surveillance (Camera access) without static IP from branches
  • Stateful firewall with usage limits
  • DoS, DDoS, SYN, Smurf protection
  • Multi-zone and Proxy ARP
It Efficiency
  • Secure Remote Desktop
  • Digest Report of network ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Stop unwanted site access
  • Network Live metering
  • Web configuration UI
Key Benefits
  • 100% uptime to trading network from branch locations to HO
  • 100% remotely managed appliances in branch locations
  • Auto Failover & Load Balancing
  • Self Monitoring,
  • Bandwidth Metering,
  • Network Live metering
  • Web configuration UI
  • On-appliance reporting